VAGsuite download free

VAGSuite download

Our favourite remapping software so far is VAGsuite. We’ve found a VAGsuite download on Mega and have added a link below. It was created by Dilemma and is currently open source and free, but it is becoming harder to find.

vagsuite download logo iconWe have learned a lot from using it, and it makes it easy for beginners to start understanding and modifying remaps. It’s designed for editing ecu maps from the Bosch EDC15 for VAG group turbo diesels. That means free Audi remaps, free Volkswagen remaps, free Skoda remaps, and free Seat remaps. All you have to do is learn!

After you have downloaded the bin file from your car’s ECU the software will load and search for multiple maps. For example, it can identify the drivers wish map, boost limit map, start of injection map and a whole lot more. Once identified, it can display the data in tables or in a three-dimensional graph. It allows you to view and adjust the maps and then export the entire file so you can write it back to the ECU of the vehicle. We f***ing love it.

The original VAGsuite download site has now gone down but we have found a copy hosted on Mega. We have placed a download link below.

There is also a new version based on VAGsuite made by DarkAngelBv called EDCSuite. We haven’t tried it yet but we thought it would be fair to promote his work too. He has continued the open source ethos and made some improvements. For example he has added map detection for Bosch ME7.5, EDC16C9, EDC16C39, EDC17, and Siemens PPD ECUs.

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VAGsuite download free (open source)!MJZ0hLDQ!lyyIZqCRYvPdBqPx04wek1ESYtBoHJMh1GRab0TJ4fM

If you are on a work/office computer you may not have permission to install it. If you have trouble installing, run as an administrator, or adjust the compatibility settings to suit Windows 7 or older. You can also try running the installer from c:\temp on your computer. Sometimes the permissions on the temp folder are less restrictive.

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EDCsuite download free (open source)!4M5GQKYA!4ZHvRh1SrXPYi2RNIKbGTbP7hoOgtxz0uGy36rTZ5PU