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so, bit of an update re the polo. It’s a 96 1.4 8v AEX code, and i tested with both my bluetooth obd dongles (ELM327 stylee) which I have on the audi and feed realtime info to the torque app on my phone…there was no love from the polo on that front and from the bit of googling I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t support the protocol used by the system.

Plugging in a VAG-COM clone adapter though you can still read the sensors and whatnot.

I stumbled across a few listings for standard ECUs for that car and they all mentioned needing to be programmed before use..which then got me thinking perhaps the MPPS might work even if the ELM327 doesn’t. If I can pull maps off the ecu with the MPPS then I’d be a very happy bunny but somehow doubt it’s possible…though then why would the standard ecus need programming before use? Perhaps just for immobiliser? surely not.

That’s not something I’ve tested yet but will post back once I’ve had a go.