Our equipment and tools

Equipment and tools

Filming equipment

Our main cameras are Panasonics, along with a whole pile of other accessory action cameras.


stahlwerkwolf weldFor welding we’ve got a Wolf 140amp MIG welder and a Stahlwerk multiprocess for AC/DC TIG and stick.

It also plasma cuts, but we tend to use the Plasmapart Cut 40 as our dedicated cutting tool.

There are a variety of angle grinders for cutting, grinding and buffing.  Much easier picking up another grinder than having to swap out different discs all the time.  You can never have too many grinders.Milwaukee chop saw

We’ve got a nice big Nielsen chop saw for cutting metal bar and box.

For general mechanical work, I shit you not we’ve practically got every tool for every job.  If not we can fabricobble something to do the task.