Swiss red light camera fines

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Can I get a Swiss camera fine in the UK?


Will Switzerland post a camera fine to the UK?

Not always.

How do I know?

On my last visit to Switzerland I made the dick move of trying to sneak past a red light camera. There’s a moment where the light goes yellow and you have to decide to stop, or accelerate and squeeze through. I chose to accelerate but didn’t make it through before I got flashed by the oncoming camera. Entirely my fault.

I immediately googled “Can I be fined in the UK for running a red light” and about 4 other similar searches, without getting a straight answer. So here it is.

Yes – you can be fined for running a red light.

Yes – they can post your fine to the UK by requesting your vehicle ownership details.

No – they won’t always post you the fine.

Moral of the story?

Don’t take chances with the ferocious Swiss traffic enforcement. They don’t fuck about.

How much is the fine?

The fine for running a red light is up to 250 CHF. At current exchange rates thats about £200.


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