Best driving roads in Britain: Loch Lomond to Skye


Loch Lomond to the Isle of Skye.

Part of our series on the best driving roads in the world (ones we’ve been on at least)

One of my favourite drives is the trip north through my native Scotland. Starting from Balloch at  the southern tip of Loch Lomond (which by the way is beautiful enough for a visit in its own right) and ending a the Old Man of Stor on the Isle of Skye.

Top Gear have filmed a couple of segments there and it always looks amazing.

Most of the journey is on the A82 – a single carriageway of asphalt/tarmac. It weaves through the valleys of the west highlands and takes you past some spectacular scenery. In winter (provided it’s not snowing) it’s particularly good. Am I reaching a little if I compare it to something from Lord of the Rings? Perhaps, but Rannoch Moor is a lot like the Dead Marshes when the weather gets Scottish (read: damp and miserable).

The Isle of Skye itself is tranquil and mostly deserted. The roads go down to just a single lane regularly, but the tarmac I used was very well maintained.

  • 199 miles
  • 320 km
  • 5 hours

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