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It’s long overdue but we’ve finally updated the vPerformance website to be more modern and mobile friendly. You can find out social media links at the top of the screen on the right hand side, and there are a few pages on the menu bar where you can watch playlists of our vPerformance youtube videos.

We’re not done yet – you can expect how to guides, diagrams, and even some vPerformance merchandise in the coming months.


1 thought on “New vPerformance website

  1. Dave

    I’ve watched a few of your video’s before finding this site, I do ecu remapping using kess v2 slave version, so i’m not writing my own files yet,
    i’m looking to buy a old TDI VW GOLF, With a spare ecu to play with, i’m thinking Diesel as they are more forgiving if you get things wrong such as on petrol
    engine ignition timing or Afr wrong especially on a Turbo engine, i’ve wired and fitted a few stand alone race ecu’s and mapped one on the road.
    The main differences in the factory ecu is so many maps & one map effects another limiters etc,,

    I’ve been studying ecu 15 maps, and have vag suite and use VCDS most days, As my kess is a slave version i’m not sure if the read file, will work with vag suite I plan to try it and see, my main concern is if it won’t work, You use MPPS i saw some on Ebay, but they don’t look like yours unless later version, can you recommend where you got yours from, plus my other concern is it checks for checksums as on your video it shows,

    my master tuner company wont tell me any info he says it’s going to the Grave with him, so have to teach myself carefully, at least if i have a spare ecu and it locks, i have time to sort it out. regards Dave


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