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Who or what is vPerformance?

vPerformance Youtube logovPerformance is a YouTube channel hosted by Paul and Big Dave. We’re a couple of guys who love cars. We are not professional mechanics. We are not trained engineers. We live in Scotland so we’re very pale. We are often drunk while operating heavy machinery.

In 2016 we launched vPerformance on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a new website. If you’re a fan, you can subscribe with our social media icons at the top of the screen and get in touch!

We also have a DIY channel and a series of videos of drunk kitchen foolishness called KitchenMorons.

What we do

We make videos featuring modified Subaru, Audi, and Volkswagen vehicles. We believe it is better to create something than just buy it. We love nothing more than to modify OEM parts into something better. We test with CFD and dyno tests, and help you make great decisions for you car.

We try to respond to every comment and make our videos to answer questions you have. We want you to keep coming back for more of our stuff, and to share with your friends.

How to remap

We know most of our viewers are here for our how to remap section. You can click on the link or find that on the menu under How to remap. Sorry we don’t sell remaps and we don’t tune cars that don’t belong to us.

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